About Us

Professional Cleaning Service

Providing a platform for a professional, reliable and bespoke cleaning service has become second nature to us. We understand that the city never sleeps. Neither do we. Citysparkles.co.uk professional cleaning service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you require a spot of spring cleaning or a regular cleaning service, Citysparkles.co.uk professionals are always on hand to inject sparkle and shine into a wide range of spaces. Citysparkles.co.uk is a platform for individuals to choose and book for independent professional cleaners online. We match your request with a professional cleaner who has been checked and vetted by a third party organisation. It is easy, simple, convenient and your home is cleaned in no time.



If we confirm a professional to be with you at a certain time, you can be confident that they will be. Punctuality and efficiency are important to us. We know your time is precious and we are conscious not to waste it.



From presentation through to knowledge and skills, all pre-screened professional cleaners adopt a professional attitude and approach at all times. First impressions count.


Quality Driven

When contracting a professional it is important that their work meets your impeccably high standards. All of our professionals are perfectionists by nature and are dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

Safety and Security

We wouldn’t expect you to invite just anyone into your home or workplace. It’s a big step and one that you shouldn’t take lightly. Your safety and security are always our priority.


We ensure that you are paired with a professional that is pre-screened, highly experienced and reliable. All Citysparkles.co.uk professionals have been background and referenced checked and, because we’re firm believers in putting a face to a name, we do face to face interview with all of our professionals to give you added peace of mind.

Our Company Promise

Here at Citysparkles.co.uk, we understand that the demands of everyday life often mean that finding time to clean your home can take a back seat. Let’s face it, when you get home after a long hard day in the office, digging out the mop, hoover or duster is the last thing on your mind! Citysparkles.co.uk is here to take care of this for you. If you’ve had a party or event, you can even book a cleaner to provide a fully vetted professional clean up afterwards – leaving you to enjoy your cup of strong coffee and bacon sandwich.

Citysparkles.co.uk evolved out of a desire to offer a world class cleaning service that would allow individuals to open their doors to a reliable and professional service provider 24 hours days, 7 days a week.

Having spent many years unsatisfied with the customer service he had been exposed to, Etim Thompson decided to turn his negative experiences into a forward thinking business concept, which banished the telephone lines that he found to be either not working or ringing out.

It was this insight along with his own experiences that allowed him to recognise the pitfalls and barriers faced by individuals looking for a professional clean. Today, Citysparkles.co.uk provides a customer focused, quality driven service that is dedicated to matching professionals that Etim would be more than happy to invite into his own home.

With a background in Law and Property, Etim is perfectly equipped to manage and grow a successful, profitable and ethical business. Etim earned a degree in Law (LLB) (Hons) from West London University.